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One of the first steps in becoming your happiest, healthiest, most bad-ass self is to work out what makes you tick, what excites and inspires you, and what exactly it is that you want your life and fitness to look like. We all have the ability to achieve anything we want from life, however it can sometimes feel overwhelming to even know where to start, so we end up stuck in an uninspiring rut of same old shizzle different day. This is where Nudge comes in.

How does it work?

Over 4 sessions we will work together to explore where it is you want your life to be and how you can get there, whilst feeling more like a Tarantino femme fatale than a Victorian dying swan! That’s it, but here’s a breakdown:

  • Each session is 60 minutes long

  • Sessions are conducted face-to-face wherever you feel most comfortable - either working in a cosy café over tea and cake or getting outside for a wander in the fresh air is best to help shift your head out of everyday and into possibility mode.

  • If you would specifically like some Personal Training sessions we'll use the initial assessment to work together to think about your fitness goals as well as what elements of fitness and training you do and don't enjoy so as to create a bespoke series of sessions that make your body shine, rather than a dull one-size fits all fitness regime. Oh and measuring body fat, monitoring your weight etc will NOT be a thing - you're probably perfect just the way you are (note PT sessions tend to be conducted outdoors but indoor and wet weather options are possible).

  • Sessions work best when conducted weekly, however life can be hectic at times so I’m always happy to discuss alternative options where needed.

  • Online support and personally-tailored Nudge challenges will be provided between sessions to keep you ticking over and making positive progress.

  • An end report will be provided with a summary of findings and recommendations for ways you can continue to sparkle.

I’m interested, so what next?

If you’d like to know more, or to book an initial assessment to explore

whether this is for you then simply send me an email at

Fitness and Well-being Classes

Fed up of being told that getting fit has to look and feel a certain way? Bored of being shouted at in military-style boot camps or looked down upon in glossy gyms when you rock up in that faithful hoody you’ve treasured since your teens? Nudge Fitness and Wellbeing classes have been designed to bite back at the fitness industry and are all about getting a good workout whilst moving in ways that make you feel happy, energized and wanting more.

What to (and NOT to) expect from a typical class:

  • All classes contain elements of HIIT (high intensity interval training), resistance and cardio using body weight and some non-intimidating equipment

  • You’ll never be shouted at or made to feel inferior – in fact all classes have a strong wellbeing emphasis, and although you’ll leave feeling like you’ve worked out, laughter, chat and moving with abandon are actively encouraged

  • Newbies to exercise are warmly welcomed and there is no expectation to know what you’re doing or to have done a certain type of fitness class before – full instruction and encouragement will be given throughout and extra support where needed, just give as much or as little as you've got

  • As much as I love seeing a load of smiley, invigorated faces each session, all Nudge classes run on a drop-in basis. What’s most important is that you come if and when you want to, not because you feel you should. So if staying at home or doing whatever else you fancu feels more appealing one week, DO IT!

  • N.B. I don't charge cancellations, even if they're last minute - we're all allowed to change our mind sometimes

How do I get involved?



WHAT: A badass, bootylicious workout for beginners and exercise aficionados alike. This 45 minute, high intensity class is suitable for ALL and, with full support and guidance, each session will start with a booty shakin' dance workout, followed by a series of structured boxing, resistance and cardio exercises using gloves, pads and body weight


WHEN: Wednesdays, 6-6.45pm

WHERE: Brave Move Fitness Studio, 51 St Luke's Rd, Bristol BS3 4RX


WHAT: This whole body, low impact conditioning class is designed to kick-start your weekend in style. With full support and guidance, you’ll be led through a series of sculpting and toning exercises inspired by the disciplines of yoga, Pilates and barre. With a strong focus on boosting mental as well as physical wellbeing, these 60 minute classes are designed to be fun, friendly and suitable for ALL fitness levels and are set to an uplifting and energising soundtrack to energize and empower the body and mind.

WHEN: Saturdays, 10-11am

WHERE: Brave Move Fitness Studio, 51 St Luke's Rd, Bristol BS3 4RX


WHAT: An energising, enlivening and entirely non-intimidating fitness class for women who want a little more than bouncing up and down on a gym ball. This pocket-sized, 45 minute post-work workout is for ALL fitness levels and abilities. With full support and guidance, each session will take you through a series of high intensity intervals (HIIT), toning resistance exercises, boxing and cardio drills using body weight, boxing pads and other gym style equipment. With Cat’s signature focus on boosting mental as well as physical wellbeing, these classes are designed to be fun, friendly and are set to an invigorating and uplifting soundtrack to help empower your body and mind. If you’re looking to start the week feeling fit, fabulous and fierce AF then this is for YOU!

WHEN: Mondays, 5.15-6pm

WHERE: Sweaty Betty, 59 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL



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