Happiness Coaching

One of the first steps in becoming your happiest, healthiest, most bad-ass self is to work out what makes you tick, what excites and inspires you, and what exactly it is that you want your life to look like. We all have the ability to achieve anything we want from life, however it can sometimes feel overwhelming to even know where to start, so we end up stuck in an uninspiring rut of same old shizzle different day. This is where Nudge comes in.

How does it work?

Over 4 sessions we will work together to explore where it is you want your life to be and how you can get there, whilst feeling more like a Tarantino femme fatale than a Victorian dying swan! That’s it, but here’s a breakdown:

  • Each session is 75 minutes long

  • Sessions are conducted face-to-face wherever you feel most comfortable - either working in a cosy café over tea and cake or getting outside for a wander in the fresh air is best to help shift your head out of everyday and into possibility mode.

  • Sessions work best when conducted fortnightly, however life can be hectic at times so I’m always happy to discuss alternative options where needed.

  • Online support and personally-tailored Nudge challenges will be provided between sessions to keep you ticking over and making positive progress.

  • An end report will be provided with a summary of findings and recommendations for ways you can continue to sparkle.

I’m interested, so what next?

If you’d like to know more check out the Prices page, or to book an initial assessment to explore

whether this is for you then simply send me an email at


Bristol, U.K

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