My name’s Cat and I’m a Bristol based Personal Trainer and Happiness Coach with a twist.

The twist is that I don’t believe anyone needs a Personal Trainer to improve their fitness or a Happiness Coach to make them, well, happier…oh, and I hate the gym too!

I do, however, recognise from my background as an Occupational Therapist in mental health that sometimes we need a tiny little nudge to get us on the route to where we want to be in life.

Nudge was dreamt up as an antidote to the fact that, without meaning, motivation or fun, life can be at best slightly dull and at worst downright terrifying. Yes, I too was that person who worked hard all my life, did as I was told, judged myself by conventional standards of success and beauty and stayed firmly within my comfort zone. Why? Because I genuinely didn’t believe I had the ability to do otherwise. Then, one sweet day, bolstered by blind faith and surrounded by good people, I decided to take control of my own destiny and leap down the rabbit hole – and boy was I glad I did.

Nudge is all about empowering you to re-discover your instincts, realise your potential and find ways to be the happiest, healthiest, sparkliest and most sensational you possible! If this sounds like what you’re after, and you’re ready to take that leap, then I’d be delighted to help nudge you on your way. Because nothing’s impossible.


Bristol, U.K

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